Useful Links & Resources

Note: This page is always in construction; I'll add URL as I'll progress in my development and discover new interesting pages. Please keep checking here for updates as I have tons of robotics & electronics bookmarks I'll probably dump in here.

Electronics & Micro-controllers

Microchip's PIC16F877 Data Sheet
Lots of useful PIC code & resources (Lots of support for Ht-Soft's PIC C Compiler). Excellent General PIC FAQ too!
The most useful PIC Bootloader! Upload your hex executables to your PIC via a simple serial cable while the PIC is still in the robot!
Davin's IR Remote Decoder Board - Here's an excellent page on implementing a Sony IR code decoder chip based on a 16F84. Nicely documented!
How to control a HD44780-based Character LCD
More LCD resources
Myke Predko's LCD page
The Ultimate AVR code library!
The Ultimate AVR resource page
A good electronic theory site


The Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts Club Web page
A Technical Guide to building fighting Robots (full of goodies. EMC, noise, batteries, etc..)
Power, grounding, and noise problems in mobile robots. (A short but concise Seattle Robotics Club article)
Application Note #1 - Reducing Motor Noise
David P. Anderson's Robotics Web Page - What first got me motivated to do robotics. His SR04 robot is my inspiration! Homebrew Shaft Encoders too.
Larry Barello's Page - Lots of good AVR and Robotics stuff in there. I learned about Motion control and PID there. A must-have bookmark!
Chuck Rosenberg's Robots
Subsumption Architecture's primer


Eric Weddington's wonderful WinAVR Windows distribution of AVRGCC
Online documentation for GNU AVR LIBC
Larry Barello's AvrX RTOS Page - My all time favourite RTOS (Real Time Operating System)! For all AVR chips and it's free!

Suppliers & Commercial Links

Quality Kits - Various ELectronics kits & Parts store located in Kingston, Ontario.
Laipac Technology Inc. - Various wireless components (like those cheap RF modules) Located in Ontario.
Digi-key! - A supplier that carries almost everything and ship real fast for real cheap.

Last Updated on: April 8th 2004